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"Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well...isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt -- endings are hard. But then again...nothing ever really ends, does it?"

(1/?) Hey there! So after the finale, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Peter and what the hell actually happened. You have followed Peter pretty closely, so I'm curious to your thoughts. His speech to Scott and the fight (if you can call it that because Peter literally did nothing to fight back), made no sense. I don't feel like Peter was really after Scott's Alpha spark. He even claimed that a True Alpha spark couldn't be stolen by killing the Alpha, right? Was that a lie? If not -



(2/?) what was he doing then? He wouldn’t put in the effort to kill Scott unless he got something out of it. Also, his speech was almost like he wanted to push Scott to step up and BE an Alpha. Teach him a lesson about being a leader. But why, Peter? Athena’s theory was that Peter just wanted to kill Kate, and Scott was merely an instrument to do that. Maybe? But why have Kate turn Scott into a Berserker if he knew she controlled them? Did he know? I feel like I’m missing something, idk what

(3/3) Idk, Peter showed a LOT of emotion this episode and my feels for him were seriously amped up! Like @_@ I’m glad he didn’t die, and I’m entirely amused that he is shacked up with Valack and the trashy romance novels - even though this can only end badly. I’m just really confused about what the hell his plan was. I get that Peter is still reliable fail!wolf, but what was his plan B? Why give up the fight? Also, do you think he recognized Valack at the end or no? I can’t decide. Thanks!


Okay! I at least may have this one.

I’m at least gonna pretend to myself I understand things for a few hours until I probably realize I don’t. Again.


Theory: Peter is trying to become kanima master of an Alpha kanima, Malia


Peter never wanted to kill Scott, but his prime directive, his Plan A, was to make Scott dead…and give Scott’s power to Malia.

Scott: You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power.
Peter:For my family’s power. 

Peter:A werewolf can’t steal a true Alpha’s power. But maybe a Nagual jaguar, with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her…Maybe she can.

I think Malia qualifies under this description.

Her credit shot is of her in La Iglesia:

We also see her naked back in the post from “More Bad Than Good” in the opening credits, and it’s covered in the same dust and mirror shards as the Berserkers when they die, implying a relationship.

(Cut for naked Malia.)

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This is awesome! Go read! Once again calicokat-teenwolf blows me away :)

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The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves. Sorta like a team. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes type thing.


That’s how superheroes learn to fly. x

Spn Graphics Challenge

         ↳ Round 5: A photoset of at least 6 photos

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teen wolf (s1) [+] tiltshift

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"The doors aren’t closing."


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"Fear makes companions of all of us."

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"Someone asked me what it felt like to turn into werewolf, as if that was something that could actually happen."

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Ollie, you know you’re my brother. I can only hope that I’m half the husband you are, and when the time comes, half the dad. Sammy, the best man. No truer words were ever spoken. I trust you with my life because no matter what happens, I know you’ll always have my back. I love you, man.

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peeta is the capitol’s  w e a p o n ,
the same way that you’re  o u r s .

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